Finzone30 terrace glazing

Finzone30 terrace glazing

  vLatest system: Finzone30 is the new system for balcony glazing or terrace glazing. 

 vCompensation profile: Finzone30 has a compensation profile that can adjust the gap between the system and the ceiling. 

 vMore panels: Finzone30 can stack 9 glass panels at one side.vCan’t fall down: Finzone30 has some special design parts to avoid the glass panels falling down when they open. 

vMoving smoothly: Finzone30 can move smoothly even the glass panel moves through the opening hole and the rollers don’t jump. 

vBig glass panels: Finzone30 uses stainless steel for special axle and big ball bearing wheels. So the max size of Finzone30 is 9000mm * 3000mm for each glass panel. The thickness of glass can be for 10mm or 12mm.